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English Speaking Course Training Institute - British School of Language

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Learn Spoken English in Delhi, English Speaking Course Delhi, English Communication Skills, Personality Development Course, Interview Skills Delhi

Our foundation …… Our organization has a massive 25 years of experience in the field of education & teaching English. Through our experience, passion and persuasion, we deliver the students the power to unlock the domain of English Language. This delivers confidence and command to the individual to attain success. We provide the students with the skill to attain efficiency and fluency in Spoken English. We help them to achieve a better career.

OUR TECHNIQUES...at British School of Language, we use the latest and reliable techniques of teaching, which are the result of latest requirements in language learning.Our classrooms are pleasant, interactive and revived according to the students’ requirements.We prefer micro(small) batches of students for better understanding & interaction.

WELL EQUIPPED CLASSROOMS...our classrooms are well equipped with whiteboards, audio/video aids and comfortable furniture.

EXPERT FACULTY... Our faculty is the key asset of our organization. BSL is known for its excellent faculty with a wide range of experience. The teachers are hardworking, co-operative, passionate, cordial, approachable and worthy counselors.

EXPERIENCE... we have an extensive experience and deep knowledge in the field of teaching English speaking to the students according to their requirements.

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